Safety on the dark roads

UPDATE: Jeremy has a bag of reflective / hi-viz tops from the Road Safety Authority. If you want one, ask.


Now that the mornings and evenings are darker you need to consider how visible you are to other road users, particularly motorists. If you are starting the long weekend runs at 6.30am you are running on unlit roads which makes it even harder for drivers to spot you.
Although our running tops are bright yellow, they are not fluorescent and won’t catch a cars lights.
Please consider wearing a reflective vest or jacket and we recommend buying a set of lighted armbands from Aldi or Lidl. They cost €5 for four armbands so if you split the cost between four of you it will only set you back €1.25 each. Both supermarkets have them in stock at the time of writing so get them while they still have them.

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