taper down half marathon

Saturdays route is a just 13 miles! Please please please do not do anymore than this. This is one sport where cramming will not help in any way for Dublin. If you missed one of the long runs do not worry about it, it will not effect you in the end result if you have been following the programme since May. You will want all your energy for the 28th.
Saturday mornings route is as follows. Out the gates and take a right up the town. Go up church street right to the cahirdown roundabout. Take a left here and come down to the lights. Right at the lights and up Dromin (for the last time before Dublin!) Over the top of Dromin take the first left. Keep on that road until you come to a T junction (Burntwood House) Take a right here down to Bedford crossroads. Left here and straight on to the Ballybunion crossroads. Straight through here and on to the T junction at the end of the bog road. Take a left here which will bring you down to the water works. Take a right here up the the grotto. Left at the grotto and into Finuge. At Finuge go left heading for Listowel. When you hit the main Tralee/Listowel road please take out any head phones you may have in. For this section please stay on the left side of the road as its too dangerous on the other side. Be always listening for cars and trucks as they will not slow down for you. Come in by the Co-Op and back to base! Breakfast in the Maid. Compulsory! 🙂

20131008-153818.jpg<br /

(For more detailed Garmin route information, click the map image above).

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