Warming Up

Key points in order to get you started, to become a better runner and eventually cross that line in Dublin on the 28th of October, smiling!

  1. If you have been on the lower side of the exercise table it might be important to check with your doctor before starting a regular weekly plan. Please inform any of the leaders before exercises if you have any medical conditions and allow us to help you the best we can. We are all part of a group and we do not look down on anybody for any reason, medical or physical.
  2. Warm-up exercises are of huge importance, ask any athlete. Please do not ignore them. It takes 5-10 minutes and can save you months of painful rehabilitation.
  3. Running involves the whole body and all the joints so warming up is hugely important.

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The first foot is put forward on the Road to Dublin

steps of Buswells

What a great and enthusiastic start to our marathon programme last night folks! Ninety five people out training on the roads of Listowel. The town has never seen anything like this before and guess what….. you are a part of it. This will be talked about for years to come. You are creating history!

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