Countdown to Dublin: useful dates, information and tips

Saturday 19th October : 9:30am. 10km Communal jog on Ballybunion Beach followed by cold dip in the sea (brilliant to re vitalise muscles and any aches or niggles you might have) This morning is going to be a fun morning! We want people to come out and run as a group. No fast sprints as we want no injuries. We can all be safe on the beach and head up to the Cashen. We will all wait for everybody at the top and head back together too.

Monday 21st October : 8pm. 5km walk/jog

Wednesday 23rd October : 8pm. 8km walk/jog

Friday 25th October : 12:30pm TBC Nano Nagle School. Meet and greet with the kids and presentation of funding cheque. Please bring your shirts for a picture.

Saturday 26th October : 10am Tankers Bar. Pre-marathon Breakfast and Motivational Morning followed by Q&A. Well worth attending this for bonding and morale. Please do your best to make it as its all part of the build up.

Saturday or Sunday 26th and 27th : Registration at the RDS Simmonscourt. Open from 9am to 6pm both days.
Try to get to the RDS before 3pm on the Sunday. Spend an hour or so there and have a look around and enjoy the atmosphere. There is a lot to see and its all part of the excitement and build up

Sunday night : Get back to your hotel and get settled. Get a light bite to eat. try to relax and let the night pass. Get your gear ready for the morning early. Have it laid out and ready to go.

Monday Morning 29th: RUN DAY!
5:45am : Alarm bells set to go. Get up and get moving. Light breakfast will be available in the restaurant.
6:45am Leaving Hotel walking for Buswells Hotel
7:30 Group meet up at Buswells Hotel followed by speeches from Clare and Kerry
9:00am Marathon Kick off!!
Post Marathon : Drinks in O’Donohues pub just off Merrion Square.

Saturday 2nd November : Awards night and post Dublin party in Tankers Bar.

Friday 22nd November : Kerry Crusaders Social in the Listowel Arms Hotel.

Before you leave Listowel make sure you have
• Race confirmation/acceptance slip
• Hotel confirmation
• Directions to race and number pick-up
• Vaseline or other anti-chafing lotion
• Hat or visor
• Sunscreen
• Safety pins
• Phone/Camera
• Extra cash
• ID (and passport if necessary)

Race (do this checklist the night before Dublin in your Hotel room)
• Watch or GPS
• Shoes, orthotics if used
• Kerry Crusaders new running shirt
• Sports bra (woman only I hope!)
• Shorts for race,
• Old sweatshirt or T-shirt you can toss after a few miles
• Socks
• Gels or sports drink if you’ve been training with them
• Energy bars if you’ll be standing around for several hours before the race
• Sunglasses
• Band-Aids or NipGuards if necessary, anti chaf rub
• Bum pack if you run with one
• Nurofen
• Hat if used
• Runners you have been using for training
• Bib number

Post-race (you can out this stuff in the bag you leave at the bag drop)
• Extra socks
• Extra shirt and shorts/pants
• Waterproof jacket
• Food /snacks
• Towel
• More Nurofen
• Plastic bag for dirty clothes, etc.
• Fresh top and track suit bottoms

On the morning get up fine and early and make sure you get to the toilet! Have 2 bottles of water and keep sipping them all morning right up to the race. SIP! do not gulp! If your carrying Nurofen try to hold off taking them until after mile 15.

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