The first foot is put forward on the Road to Dublin

steps of Buswells

What a great and enthusiastic start to our marathon programme last night folks! Ninety five people out training on the roads of Listowel. The town has never seen anything like this before and guess what….. you are a part of it. This will be talked about for years to come. You are creating history!

Just to recap, we broke the main group up into three groups last night.

  • Runners (people planning to run the whole marathon at a set pace)
  • Joggers (people planning to run jog/walk at a slower pace), and
  • Walkers.

Every Monday and Wednesday night at 8pm sharp we will break into our groups and do our ten minute warm up and then begin our session. The warm up is very important so please do not ignore it as it is part of the programme.

Saturday morning will be the start of building distance. We are starting from scratch so we will start at three miles Saturday morning. For the runner that wishes to do more of their own accord can do so after they do the three miles with the group.

As I said last night. Our official training days are Monday Wednesday and Saturday. These are the days where you will get all the help you need from the instructors and group. The group dynamic training carries a huge value which you will realise when the mileage starts to rise as its then that you will really feel the help from your friends out training with you. If you cannot meet the designated times which will happen some times it is critical you get that session in at some stage over the next day or two. You may use our Facebook page to see if anybody will go with you for the company. The only thing is you will not have the help of the main group so please if at all possible try make the main sessions

Last nights training

  • Runners – Warm up – 5km run
  • Joggers – Warm up – 3km or 5km run
  • Walkers – Warm up – 3km walk

Our next session is Wednesday night at 8pm. Looking forward to seeing you all there and bring more if they are interested. Its not too late to join the programme over the next two weeks.

Lets Roll….

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